Financial institutions are begging to give you money.

Second, you’ll need top-tier accountants and lawyers, secured on delayed fees, working diligently to help you structure and close your deal. This article is the second of four that will cover some applications of Dan Peña's QLA (Quantum Leap Advantage) methodology for generational wealth creation – growth through acquisitions.

Dan Peña is known as the "Trillion Dollar Man," for creating, millions, 10s of millions, 100s of millions, billions, 10s of billions and 100s of billions of equity and value through his mentees and devotees (students and followers). Dan's methodology is based on actionable steps. Each step builds on top of the one that came before. Failure is clear and success is measurable. This series of articles will focus on just four parts of QLA.

PART 1: BUILD A TEAM – TRADE EQUITY. Don’t hire credentials; hire attitude. Lead by example, delegate responsibility, encourage action and pay your team well. You don't need to know how to do it all, but you need a team that does.

PART 2: SECURE ACCOUNTANTS AND LAWYERS – ON SUCCESS FEES. All large firms do delayed fees; everyone is paid on close. Offer a bonus on success and discount on busted deals. Only work with the best. Top 10 or Top 25 or Top 50.

PART 3: FIND A DEAL – IT'S A NUMBERS GAME. Contact and close acquisition candidates, even when they don’t want to sell. It's not a deal if the financials don't work; free cash flow must cover debt service. Always talk to the decision maker.

PART 4: FINANCE YOUR DEAL – INTERVIEW BANKS. If you are asking for money for today, it is too late, you are wasting your time. Practice, practice, practice. Everybody gets turned down for financing – even Dan Peña and Donald Trump.





Oleg Melikhov #VOH #QLA #10X

High Momentum - High Performance - Serial Entrepreneur

Oleg Melikhov has 15 years of Product Architecture, Product Design and Product Development experience. His professional career was built on a foundation of Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Content Distribution and Graphic Design. He currently holds leaderships roles with a focus on deals, financing and strategy.

Oleg is a serial entrepreneur that has continued to learn from 20 years of success and failure. After launching his first business in his early teens, he launched and participated in dozens of technology startup companies. One of his eye-opening professional learning experiences was working with thousands of nonprofit organizations around the United States in an effort amplify their reach through digital channels.

A graduate of University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) with dual degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Oleg prefers hands on experience over traditional academia. Additionally, he completed a non-degree International Business program at Sophia University (上智大学) in Tokyo, Japan.

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